What to Include In a Guest Welcome Pack

Being welcomed into a holiday rental is an example of great service, however when it isn’t possible to do this in person leaving a welcome pack can do the job just as well. But, what should you include?

A good welcome pack will contain information about the property and surrounding areas, including local amenities such as pubs, restaurants, shops and transport, and emergency contact information. Including personal recommendations is a good idea, as well as somewhere for the guests to leave feedback. Provide your guests with information about Wi-Fi, including the name of the network and the password.

Including “do’s and don’ts” is a good idea – while most holidaymakers will treat the property with respect, it’s always great to reduce the chance of something not working out. If the property is in a built up area, reminding guests to not make noise after a certain time of night will have your neighbours thanking you.

A way to stand out from the crowd will be to leave a small welcome gift. Perhaps this could be a small hamper filled with basic essentials such as tea bags, coffee, biscuits or maybe a bottle of wine to celebrate the beginning of the holiday. This is a great opportunity to leave a lasting impression, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Consider tailoring the pack to who your guests are. If they are a family with young children, including a teddy bear or some (healthy) treats will put a smile on their face after being stuck in the car for a while.

If you are planning on reusing parts or all of the welcome pack for other guests, it may be an idea to look into laminating the sheets of paper, putting everything into plastic wallets in a binder, or having the pages professionally printed. It’s always a good idea to ensure the welcome pack itself is good looking, and reusable.

Spending a little time on your welcome pack can pay dividends – so many good reviews are based on a first impression. Make sure yours is as good as it can be, and watch your enquiries go up in no time.

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