The importance of an attractive garden at holiday homes

Often when hiring holiday homes, customers look for well looked after gardens. If looking for a summer vacation, holiday makers want to relax in a well groomed and pruned back garden. City dwellers love to visit cottages and holiday homes just for the novelty of having a nice, outside sitting area, that is private and full of greenery – and there would be nothing more infuriating than an overgrown and unsightly garden.

However, garden upkeep is time consuming and would require monthly, if not weekly, attendance. As part of our holiday let services in East Sussex, we offer garden tidying services such as pruning, watering and mowing. We can help ensure your holiday home garden is perfect for the upcoming season, and well maintained throughout the quieter, non-tourist months.

If you do not let your holiday home during the year, and it is a second summer home, then consider the benefits of having your garden checked over winter: weeds are kept at bay, frost damage reduced, autumn leaves removed and more plants survive for the summer. This means no huge spring cleaning on your return in the summer – the garden is ready to go.

Hiring a gardener is an added expense and another contact you will need to keep up with, as well as the extra expense of hiring a seperate company. Adding this service to our list comes at a minimal extra cost and can be done as part of the routine house clean, meaning you get reliable, high-quality work.

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