How to Style your Holiday Home

Putting effort and money into styling your holiday home pays for itself – guests are more likely to pick and return to homes with a bit of character and a memorable sense of style. Especially in the modern world of glossy profile pictures and 360 degree interior videos, having a place that looks good online and feels good to stay in will be a big draw.


Your holiday home needs to be stylish, updated, coordinated and homely. It needs to incorporate elements of local culture and interest – some of the most popular UK holiday homes are decorated with local art, maps, paintings and decorations. A shelf of old books from local authors or about the local area is often a good call. Antique furniture is also good where you can get it – many older holiday homes will often by benches, pews or chairs from churches.


Don’t forget to be practical – bathroom and kitchen decoration should be minimal, not get in the way of the function of those rooms and water and stain resistant, where possible. Window-dressings in particular should be functional blinds in rooms where they might get wet – you can splash out on nice curtains for the bedrooms and sitting rooms. Remember to match the curtains where you can, try and give the house a contiguous feel rather than having multiple rooms with different themes (this varies depending on the house and the room of course).


A good focal point in every room will also help tie everything together and help produce both good pictures and a good-looking home. Focal points are things like large fireplaces, dining-room tables, flat-screen TVs, garden doors or windows with a nice view or even things like large, brightly coloured rugs or pieces of artwork. A good focal point will make a room feel much more homely and look good online as well, helping you entice more customers.

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