Essential Information for Your Guests

When you’re on holiday in a new place for the first time, nothing is more comforting than some advice and direction. While most travellers will have smartphones and the internet, good local advice will often leave those high-tech instructions in the dust. A little advice about decent local pubs will go a long way, of course, but why stop there?

First, it’s always good to have a list of local attractions. Include personal comments and touches about each one rather than just copy-pasting from TripAdvisor. If you’re renting property out during a specific event like the Edinburgh Fringe or a music festival, it’s usually a good idea to include event flyers or timings for that year’s events to help your guests orient themselves and make sure they don’t miss anything.

Second, good restaurant advice is vital. If your guests are on holiday, they won’t want to self-cater every night, and especially if they’re from overseas they’ll want to sample the local cuisine. Make sure you include a list of good places to eat and get a drink nearby, and if possible try them yourself to make sure you know what you’re talking about. Places that specifically cater to tourists should of course be included, but try and include some more local restaurants too, for a more authentic experience. Remember, just because it’s normal to you doesn’t mean it’ll be normal for your guests.

Finally, admin and warnings. If you’re in a rural area, some basic countryside knowledge (don’t let your dog play with livestock, shut gates, don’t pee in streams) might be necessary, especially if you’re a farmer and it’s your cows that just escaped onto the road after someone left a gate open. If you’re in a town or a city the same applies – Include a list of good local cab companies, areas where it might not be safe to walk at night and contact numbers for the police and ambulance services. Always provide a contact number as well.

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