Decorating Your Rental for Christmas Without Upsetting Your Landlord

When you live somewhere rented, it’s often the case that your landlord will be against wall decor of any kind, and changing furniture is a big no-no. However, there is a way to make your rented home festive without putting so much as a pin in the wall or a piece of tinsel out of place.

Fill Your Home with Ornaments

The second best thing to pinning things to the walls is to opt for ornaments. These decorative pieces will Christmas-ify your home without upsetting anyone. They can come in the style of glittery reindeers, nutcrackers and cute nativity scenes, and can be found it lots of places at a very affordable price.

Candle Displays to Light Up Your Life

Candles emit a wonderful glow, and scented candles not only look nice, but they make the entire room smell great too. Glamming them up with opulent table displays, such as conifer cones, berries and holly can give off a Christmassy vibe without too much effort.

Bring the Outside In

Drape garlands holly, ivy and fir across fireplaces, mirrors and wind them up staircases. Botanical displays will instantly give off the smell and look of Christmas with no damage to any interiors.

Invest in Warm Accessories

Accessorise your home! While you may not be able to change the furniture, cushions and drapery are often a good way to add a personal touch. Wrap up in a onesie, cosy up with a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle down amongst your Christmassy cushions and throws.

Decorate Your Tree

A real tree will bring the scent and feel of Christmas immediately, however if you’re worried your landlord will be concerned about the mess – faux trees are your friend! Go to town decorating the tree, or expand your collection of tiny trees, adorning them with hundreds of lights and baubles, topping it off with a beautiful angel or star.

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